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Crawl Space Encapsulation

One of our specialties at EcoHome, are crawlspace encapsulations. Crawl space encapsulations seal and insulate your crawlspace to prevent unnecessary repairs, create a healthier living space and overall save you money on energy bills. We insulate the entire crawlspace walls, including the rim joist, which keeps any outside air from entering the crawlspace and turns it into conditioned space, and most importantly, we lay a vapor barrier plastic on the crawlspace floor (typically a 10-16mil reinforced vapor barrier) Crawlspace vapor barriers prevent moisture build up, which prevents damage that is caused by moisture. Most common damages caused are: heavy allergens like mold, structural damage, pipe erosion, damage to existing insulation, and even electrical shortages. After the vapor barrier is installed, we spray 1.5-2 inches of closed cell spray foam insulation on perimeter walls as it works as both insulation and vapor barrier. Once the plastic and insulation are installed, sometimes a dehumidifier is also installed to prevent any additional moisture in the crawl space.

Our Process

Step 1: Clean the Crawlspace

Remove the old insulation, trash, debris and anything else that should not be in there.

Step 2: Install the Vapor Barrier

Lay the vapor barrier on the ground, wrap the pillars and pipes, then bring the plastic up the wall half a foot.

Step 3: Insulate

Spray 1.5-2 inches of closed cell spray foam on the rim joist and block walls. At 1.5" the closed cell spray foam becomes a vapor barrier, which is why we do not install anything less than that.

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